Aramith brand name professional tournament snooker balls set. For several decades Belgian Aramith Billiard balls have enjoyed a legendary reputation for outstanding endurance and uncompromised quality.

• Endorsed by the World Professional Billiard and Snooker Association (WPBSA), the Tournament Champion is the leading product on the snooker scene. Its unique high density of 1.87 is widely recognized as the key to excellent play.
• Red dotted Pro-Cup Tournament cue ball
• Precise calibration of each ball for maximum consistency within the set
• The preferred set used worldwide in tournaments and championships
• Through hardened vitrified surface with ultra-high density for exceptional scratch and impact resistance
• Precise calibration of each ball for maximum consistency within the set
• Hard, scratch resistant Phenolic Resin pool balls
• Premium resin with Vitrotech technology hardens and vitrifies the surface for enhanced durablity and brightness
• High impact resistance and prolonged longevity
• Last up to 5 times longer than polyester balls are still perfectly playable even after 400,000 hits
• Hard phenolic surface drastically reduces burn spots on both balls and cloth
• Complying with the BCA standard, accurate and uniform weight pool balls
• Professional quality specifications for all 8 criteria : density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, glossiness, hardness, weight
• Available in 2 1/16″ diameter

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 37 × 26 × 7 cm
Ball size

2 1/16", 2 1/4"